Play Areas

dog play area

Teenie Weenies Play Area

This play area is designed for the tiny dogs to feel safe and secure at all times and be able to play with dogs of their own tiny size.
This is a room with lot’s of little cuteness with big personalities and lots of fun.

Outdoor Play Area

All dogs are able to access the secure dedicated 4 x 10 metre outside play area during the day.

We have a specific grass area for them to have toilet breaks, they can have a lazy afternoon and sunbathe and relax or maybe they would like to have a play session in the wading pool which is lots of fun for those water babies.

For those dogs that love to dig we have our digging pits with plenty of sand to get their paws in to and who knows what they might find in the hole they have dug, there are different surprises every day.

Small Dog Play Area

This play area is specifically for the small to medium dogs, we want the little dogs to feel comfortable and happy and to interact with other friends of similar size.

They have plenty of room to run around and chase each other and lots of climbing equipment and tunnels to play hide and seek, it is a room full of fun. We have very comfy beanbags for your dog to snuggle in to and get cosy during nap time.

 Large Dog Play Area

The Large Dog area is for our bigger dogs where they can have fun with other dogs of similar size and energy levels.

They enjoy all sorts of games from tug of war, wrestling, chasing, relaxing and of course quiet time and cuddles. This is a room full of energy, excitement and very happy dogs.

We can guarantee your dog will go home tired and happy from all the fun they have had and will be looking forward to catching up with their new big playmates again.

Puppy Play Area

Our specialised puppy play centre is the perfect place for your puppy to hangout during the day while you are at work. The puppy play centre is designed for puppies from the age of 8 weeks to 14 weeks. Our experience has shown that puppies should play together and not be mixed in the main play rooms with the older dogs until they have had the correct training and socialisation skills learnt between the age of 8 weeks to 14 weeks.

During their time with us your puppy will have special chew toys for teething, cosy beds for a nap and plenty of stimulating fun. Bring your pups lunch and we can even give them their meal in an exciting puzzle toy to keep them busy.