Puppy & Dog Training


Puppy Consultation

Excited to have a gorgeous new puppy join your family? Make sure you get them settled in and set up for a life of happiness (and good behaviour) with a puppy training consultation.

I’ll come to your home and, during the one hour consultation, we can help you teach your puppy their name, how to sit, mat training and toilet training – plus show you how to prevent your puppy from chewing and play biting and lots more. Give your puppy the best start in life with a tailor made training session.

In Home Puppy Consultation Fee: $130 for 1 hour

Online Puppy Consultation Fee: $60 per hour

Payment can be made by credit card or internet banking.

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Dog Training


Dog Training Consultation

Facing specific training issues with your dog? Whether it’s pulling on the lead, jumping up on guests, poor recall, I’m here to help.

I’ll work with you to help you train your dog to have great recall, stop your dog jumping up, help your dog walk nicely  on the lead, or help them to be calm and relaxed – whatever’s needed for your furry friend.

In Home One hour session: $150

Follow Up Consultations: $120 per hour.

Online Training Sessions:  $80 per hour.

Payment can be made by credit card or internet banking.

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Good venue, less distractions and good space

Preferred methods used compared to other training courses we have been to in the past. Very happy with the outcome!

Easy to follow handbook, bite sized chunks of homework that everyone can handleReally liked the small classEasy to talk to Kelly about things and a great trainer and teacher.

Great teaching methods

Very clear and simple steps Lots of fun for me and my puppy!

Although Jett is a 12 year old Labrador his behaviour was often like that of a 12 week old puppy. We worked with Kelly to stop him getting so excited when visitors arrived and to stop his attention seeking behaviour.  By the end of Kelly’s training Jett was able to go and sit on his bed when visitors arrived and he would leave visitors alone when asked to. Kelly was great to work with and had some really good ideas that all contributed to changing Jett’s behaviour.


Great experience. Simple, practical training for pooch and people

Very informative and video links very useful to help with homework

Two years ago Muffi came to join our family. Unfortunately due to Muffi’s background she came with lots of baggage. When Muffi was ready for training I realised it would need to be a special person. A small advertisement in a local magazine sent me down a track both here & Australia to find Kelly from Happy Pawes. I have not been disappointed. Kelly has given us all the help and assistance required to help Muffi adjust to a new world outside the home. I would highly recommend Kelly and her method of training to all dog owners and especially dogs like Muffi with special needs.

Alison & Bernie