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When your dog is unhappy, anxious, destructive, or just extremely noisy, it can make life pretty miserable for you and your family. As much as we love our furry friends, dealing with behaviour issues can be a nightmare. With over 20 years of hands-on experience communicating with, training, and socialising man’s best friend, I’ve always been passionate about taking on tricky dogs and helping them become happier and well-trained (for your benefit too!) Keen to make that happen for your dog? Book a consultation today!


about kelly

About Kelly

Renowned across the country for my work, I love sharing my expertise on the TV show The Café on THREE and with hundreds of families worried about their dogs – making the process easy and enjoyable for them and for the furriest member of their family.

happy paws behaviour consults

Behaviour Consultations

Bad behaviour doesn’t need to be permanent – let me help you and your dog with:
Separation anxiety
Phobia & fear Issues
Barking Complaints
Destructive Behaviour

happy paws dog training

Puppy & Dog Training

Every puppy deserves the best start in life. Let me help you with the settling-in process and the basic training that will help you and your puppy get ahead start, avoiding behavioural problems as your puppy turns in to a dog!

Kelly McFarlane on The Cafe, THREE

Kelly McFarlane

Kelly McFarlane


Canine Behavioural Consultant

Helping Dogs Throughout New Zealand and Overseas

Phone: +64 2102 531 077
Business Hours: By Appointment

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